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Loading Policy

Hazle Auto Parts Inc.  Reserves the right to refuse to load anything into vehicles that are not designed to be loaded in that manner or that we feel is unsafe for our employees , customers or the public.

All parts need to be safely secure in suitable transportation.

              EFFECTIVE MAY 1ST 2024 


 PLEASE CALL 570-459-1415


Return Policy

All Returns, Exchanges, or Core Refunds must be accompanied by the original invoice, and made within 30 days of purchase date on invoice.

Core returns must be drained of all fluids to receive the credit, and returned within 30 days from invoice date.

Sales made by credit cards will be refunded to same credit card.

Returns or special ordered parts are subject to a handling charge up to total price of part.

Electrical parts or new parts that have been used can only be exchanged ,not refunded.

Any returns , exchanges  may be subject to handling charges.

All returns must be in original condition.

New Part returns must be in original package.

Returns must be authorized by salesperson, Delivery Driver can not accept returns with out authorization form to make sure you receive the credit.

All shipped returns will be buyers responsibility for returning product to Hazle Auto Parts Inc.




Hazle Auto Parts Inc. 30 day warranty is not transferable and will only apply to the original purchaser with original invoice, as long as the part is still installed in the vehicles it was original purchased for.

Hazle Auto Parts  suggests all parts should be inspected at time of delivery or pick up and must be immediately informed if any defect is discovered during the 30 days of warranty.

All work under our warranty period will need to be authorized by Hazle Auto Parts Inc.

Hazle Auto Parts Inc.  reserves the right to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any part at its option. Repairs, refunds, or a replacement will satisfy all obligations under our warranty. Improperly installed, use, abuse, neglect, careless handling, or damage done by the purchaser will be excluded from the warranty.

Also, our warranty does not cover gaskets, seals, filters, shop fees, etc.





Hazle Auto Parts Inc. offers a 30 day warranty to the original purchaser with all internal lubricated parts of its engine to be free of defects for a 30- day period, from the date on original invoice . Our warranty does not cover all bolted on external parts , calibration, and adjustments of those parts are exclude from our 30 day warranty.

Also,30 day warranty will be voided if proper installation procedures are not followed.





Hazle Auto Parts Inc. offers a 30 day warranty to the original purchaser of the transmission, of it to be free of defects for a 30- day period from the original date on the original invoice. The parts covered by this warranty are the transmission case ,all internal parts and the torque converter. All bolt on external parts , and problems that results from not installing new seals and filters,  improperly installed or adjusted unit, failure to check, flush and flow test radiator or transmission cooler, and the computer codes not being cleared and any external issues that will cause our warranty to be voided.

Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy discloses and applies solely to the privacy practices for

We will only use your information to respond to you, regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with anyone else outside our organization, other than the reasons to fulfill your request for your order.

Our security is our top priority, that is why we ask you to enter your personal information,  and when you enter your information on our website , your information is protected both offline and online. You will use a secure page with a displayed closed lock at the bottom of the page.